Micro Million, SFG Half Million Offer Big Rewards over 10 Consecutive Days

After a weather-induced postponement in 2021, US 131 Motorsports Park, “Michigan’s Fastest Track,” tries again to deliver 10 consecutive days of big money bracket racing with the inaugural Micro Million June 23-26 followed immediately by the SFG Half Million June 27-July 3.

It’s a smorgasbord for grass roots drag racers angling for a payday that literally could be life changing.  In addition to a $500,000 winner’s share in the main event, there will be eight other opportunities over the 11 days to win at least $10,000 and four to win $5,000 – all without ever leaving the track to fill up the tank in the hauler.

The action begins June 23rd with early parking and continues Friday, June 24th, with a 1-9 pm* test-and-tune session.  On Saturday and Sunday, Top ET racers will compete for $10,000 winner money in the Micro Million while No Box racers run for a $5,000 top prize.

Those events provide a springboard to the SFG Half Million which begins with the JEG’s Warmup on Monday and continues with the Fuel Tech 50K on Tuesday and Wednesday and the Hansen Global 50K on Thursday and Sunday.  The first round of the $500,000-to-win main event is set for Friday with competition for the big prize continuing Saturday.

Double entries are allowed, and electric pit spots are still available.  Join us for a great week and a half!

*edit 1-9pm