Fast Track Give Back Program

Welcome to the launch of our Fast Track Give Back Program. This program is designed to aid “not-for-profit” organizations with a local connection to our community. With the drastic cuts in school funding this idea was conceived to assist our local schools in designing a way for them to earn extra needed dollars. Groups we will consider may fall within these categories Schools, Boosters Club, PTA, Athletic Clubs, Honor Society, Music, Science or Arts group, and even local charities. It can even be of great help to organizations like the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts of America. The benefit is for these groups and organizations to have another way to earn funds that can benefit them on a larger scale. A group can use funds raised to help purchase new uniforms, new equipment or teaching support in the local schools. The possibilities are endless!

What Do You Do Now?

A group expresses their interest in becoming a FAST TRACK VOLUNTEER TEAM at a US 131 Motorsports Park event. The roles can vary from helping to welcome on arrival, parking or even in concessions or registrations. Events that are most effective will be larger events and in many cases can afford us the opportunity to host more than one organization. It is wise to think through your commitment level and not oversell the obligation you can provide. During an event your team members will be assigned a liaison with the track to help them throughout the day. For those groups with minors we would ask that a key chaperone(s) or team leader is present.

We will need a list of all team members participating for an event in order to provide credentials and food coupons. Yes, we will even feed you! We will also offer each person participating on the Fast Track Volunteer Team an additional ticket to giveaway to a family member or friend, (we ask that the guest doesn’t fraternize with the volunteer while working unless they are on a break).

As this program is in its infancy this year we expect to grow with each event and learn better about what works and what doesn’t. This will also aid us in offering additional monies to the groups participating as we can gauge a better share based on sales and disbursement.

Ready To Get Started?

We would like for you to express an event or events that you are interested in supporting and earning that extra income for your club or group activity. As you can see the potential to earn money for your club is a benefit all the while building a great team dynamic and camaraderie.

Contact us at 269-672-7800 or Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm.

Let’s build a better community together!