Frequently Asked Questions

A. Make sure you keep the ticket that you received at the entrance gates. That ticket is valued at the admission price for that and is your only proof of purchase. Keep it in a safe place, and you can use it at any US 131 MSP produced event during that year. If you purchased a race entry, you must keep the ticket that you received at the entrance gate. This is your rain check. The ticket indicates the class, amount paid, date, time of purchase and further information regarding your paid entry. Keep it in a safe place, and you can use it at any US 131 event during that year. If you lose this ticket, you have lost your rain check entry.

A. Yes, US 131 MSP accepts Visa, MasterCard and Discover.

A. No, but there is an ATM up the road at the gas station.

A. All major events can be purchased onsite or through our website. All event tickets are sold the day of the event at the ticket booths.

A. You may exit the park and return if you have a ticket or armband and hand stamp. You must get your hand stamped as you exit for re-entry. Please be sure to have all credentials with you at the time you exit. You must re-enter through the ticket booths.

A. The US 131 Grill is open during every event and serves delicious hot food and cold drinks.

A. Children under 6 are always admitted free. Select events have an admission fee for children 6-11. Please check the event flyer or the special event schedule on this website for actual pricing. This policy is up to the ticket sellers discretion. If you have a child that looks older than he/she actually is, you can bring an ID card that shows their date of birth (i.e. minor identification card, birth certificate, etc.).

A. No outside alcohol is permitted into US 131 MSP’s licensed property.  This is law governed by the State of Michigan.

A. US 131 MSP has a NO Cooler policy in its grandstands.  All coolers must remain in your car.  Absolutely no alcoholic beverages are permitted.

A. No ATV’s, Scooters or Golf Carts are permitted to come in from the spectator parking areas. This policy is strictly enforced for your safety and the safety of other guests, children, racers and their personal property.

A. YES! The AutoStart system is incorporated into every class that is run at US 131 MSP, from Test & Tune to Top ET. This system starts the tree automatically when the timing system senses two fully staged vehicles so the starter can concentrate more on the track and conditions of the race. Here’s how it works: when the system sees both cars prestaged and ONE of the cars staged, it starts a timer (actual length of timer is class specific, please inquire with the tower for the timer length in your particular class). If the second car does not enter the staging beams within the timer’s parameters, a redlight is activated for that car. This redlight will NOT be negotiated under any circumstance. Remember, the system needs to see three lights before it starts the timer – two prestages and a stage. Don’t try to burn down your opponent.

A. Yes, it’s 102.5 FM. You can hear everything that is going on right from your radio on the track property.

A. Yes, pets are allowed at US 131 MSP. There are only a few restrictions regarding your pet. Pets are not allowed in restricted areas or in the grandstands. Under no circumstances may you release your pet from its leash. You must supervise your pet at all times – no leaving it unattended. Your pet CANNOT show aggression in any way towards other pets, people, children or personal property. Any aggression whatsoever will require the removal of your pet from the track property immediately.

A. Yes, we sell a wide variety of VP Race Fuels at US 131 MSP – click here for current types and prices.

A. All you need to do is address the package as follows:

US 131 Motorsports Park
1249 12th Street
Martin, MI 49070

All racer shipments received are logged in on a tracking list. The racer must then present a photo I.D. and sign for their package.

A. Yes, we have a permanent scale on the pit side of the facility located by the ET shack as you come off the drag strip that you are welcome to use at any event at no cost.

You would buy a race ticket at the ticket booth the day of the event. These fees vary according to event. Please check event page and/or schedule for pricing of the event you are interested in. After purchasing a race ticket you need to fill out the tech card fully. Please take car, tech card and ticket to tech which is located at the north end of the drag strip next to the ET shack. If you are 16 years old you will need your parents to sign a waiver for you to race. This must be done in person with valid ID in front of a track official. You would also need to have a valid driver’s license.

A. General items needed to race would be a valid driver’s license, seat belt, long pants, shoes/socks and shirt. Shirt cannot be a tank top and shoes cannot be open toed. Flip flops, sandals and bare feet are not permitted.

A. If your car runs faster than 13.99 you will need a helmet.