Pro Mod, Outlaw, Pro Stock Snowmobiles Plus Bikes and Jr. Dragsters at US 131 this weekend.

Snow?  We don’t need no stinking snow – at least not to show off the world’s quickest and fastest Pro Stock, Pro Mod and Outlaw snowmobiles.  For that, Michigan’s fastest track will do just fine.

This week, after a successful Honor Credit Union Funny Car Nationals and ahead of winter’s first freeze, US 131 Motorsports Park welcomes back all those wicked fast Arctic Cat, Polaris, Ski-Doo, Yamaha and Outlaw custom snow-runners for the 34th renewal of the Woody’s Super Sled Shootout.

How about 160 mile-an-hour Outlaw sleds and Pro Mod sleds powered through the eighth mile course in 4.70 seconds using all the power adders available to their Pro Mod race car cousins – superchargers, nitrous oxide and turbochargers.  Plus, 800 cc two-stroke Pro Stock sleds and bracket sleds, too.

But the Shootout is not just for the sled set.  There’ll be racing both days for motorcycles and Jr. Dragsters with dual threat racer Jeff of Racine, Wis., expected back to defend his motorcycle title while also competing on the snowmobile side.  Also back for more will be 2022 brother-and-sister Jr. Dragster champs James and Rebekah Peterson.

Among the many compelling story lines is veteran Glenn Hall’s anticipated bid for another Woody’s Challenge Crown aboard the Dynamite Racing Arctic Cat on which he has won the Pro Mod title each of the last three years, although he may face challenges from those who dominated this year in the snowmobile portion of the NHRA Lucas Oil Nationals drag races at Brainerd, Minn.

That would be the husband-and-wife team of Mitchell and Courtney Moeller of Waupun, Wis., who opposed one another in the Brainerd final, Saginaw’s Curt Schultz, who was the No. 1 qualifier, Marion’s Louie Wirbel and Minnesotans John Jacklitch, Jami Neyssen and Jason Ponsness.

Among the other likely contenders are 2021 Brainerd champ Rob Lowe of Bradford, Ontario, Howell’s Tony Goodsell and, perhaps, Brad Noyes of Peabody, Mass., who was runner-up to Hall on both days a year ago.

In the Outlaw class, Chesaning’s Jeremy Hannen of Chesaning will try to do what he did a year ago when he beat Lowe in both Outlaw finals.  Canadians Eric Pivetta of Churchill, Ontario, and Dave Marshall of Prescott, Ontario also could challenge along with Clarkson’s Chris Homrich.

Coldwater’s Dan Fisher is the two-time defending champion in Pro Stock and Jaquish will try to duplicate last year’s unique double by repeating as the Pro Index champion.

Action begins Friday with a 6 to 10 p.m. test-and-tune session for bikes and motorcycles as well as snowmobiles.  Testing is $35, general admission is $15 per day for adults, children ages 6-12 are $5 each day.  Pro Mod, Outlaw, Pro Stock and bracket sleds will race on both Saturday and Sunday along with the bikes and juniors.  For additional information, go to


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2022 Results


PRO STOCK 800 – Dan Fisher, Coldwater, .158, 5.285, 124.97 mph, def. Brian Pretzel, Belding, .107, 5.406, 122.62 mph.  Semifinalists – Lisa Flannery, Wayland, and Cody Philippon, Hooksett, N.H.

PRO MOD – Glenn Hall, Gordon, Wis., .120, 4.829, 139.49 mph, def. Brad Noyes, Peabody, Mass., no time.  Semifinalist – Rob Lowe, Bradford, Ontario.

PRO OUTLAW – Jeremy Hannen, Chesaning, .077, 4.433, 155.28 mph, def. Rob Lowe, Bradford, Ontario, .113, 4.531, 162.45 mph.  Semifinalist – Eric Pivetta, Churchill, Ontario.

PRO INDEX – Jeff Jaquish, Racine, Wis., .020, 6.518 on a 6.510, 99.71 mph, def. Aaron Rocizewski, Windlake, Wis., .040, 6.494 breakout on a 6.500, 104.26 mph.  Semifinalist – Butch Veltum, Genoa City, Wis.

BRACKET – Jordan Moore, Jackson, .021, 7.3878 on a 7.350, 86.49 mph, def. Greg Rocizewski, Waterford, foul.  Semifinalists – Aaron Rocizewski, Windlake, Wis., and Butch Veltum, Genoa City, Wis.



PRO STOCK 800 – Dan Fisher, Coldwater, .142, 5.270, 125.59 mph, def. Brian Pretzel, Belding, .114, 5.437, 119.71 mph.  Semifinalist – Dean Hassevart, Hudsonville.

PRO MOD – Glenn Hall, Gordon, Wis., .069, 4.922, 133.49 mph, def. Brad Noyes, Peabody, Mass., .057, 5.244, 135.71 mph.  Semifinalist – Tony Goodsell, Howell.

PRO OUTLAW – Jeremy Hannen, Chesaning, .085, 4.361, 159.57 mph, def. Rob Lowe, Bradford, Ontario, 4.636, 159.91 mph.  Semifinalists – Dave Marshall, Prescott, Ontario, and Chris Homrich, Clarkston.

BRACKET – Greg Chandler, Kingsley, .013, 5.925 on a 5.950, 111.91 mph, def. Aaron Roscizewski, Windlake, Wis., .025, 6.463 breakout on a 6.490, 104.29 mph.  Semifinalist – Greg Simpson, Otisville.

SUPER ELIMINATOR – Alex Hughes, Red Oak, Texas, .029, 7.985 on a 7.960, 153.01 mph, def. Thad Neeld, St. Paris, Ohio, .039, 9.007 on an 8.910, 141.55 mph.  Semifinalists – Brian Pretzel, Belding, and David Derrick, Vicksburg.



CYCLEDRAG SHOOTOUT – Jeff Jaquish, Racine, Wis., .081, 9.049 on a 9.000, 138.08 mph, def. Mikel Grinnell, Perry, .097, 10.859 breakout foul on a 10.880, 111.00 mph.  Semifinalist – Nick Christmas, Youngstown, Ohio.

BAGGERS – Jeremy Williamson, New Castle, Ind., .038, 8.170, 168.48 mph, def. Michael Beland, Maiden, N.C., .073, 9.015, 151.57 mph.  Semifinalists – Jason Broski, Ypsilanti, and Jeremy Justice, New Orleans, La.

V-TWIN – Tyler Radke, Columbia City, Ind., .085, 12.279 on a 12.270, 104.97 mph, def. Ted Thompson, Downers Grove, Ill., .173, 12.163 breakout on a 12.220, 107.19 mph.  Semifinalist – Paul Alexander, Hastings.

PRO ET – Thad Neeld, St. Paris, Ohio, .021, 8.928 on an 8.820, 139.97 mph, def. Aaron Everage, Cassopolis, .090, 8.750 breakout on an 8.800, 151.21 mph.  Semifinalists – Paul Summers, Joliet, Ill., and Seth Allen.

STREET ET – T.J. Camp, Kalamazoo, .104, 9.219 on a 9.170, 135.66 mph, def. Ted Thompson, Downers Grove, Ill., .071, 12.281 on a 12.180, 106.48 mph.  Semifinalist – Kyle Shilts, Baldwin, Wis.



SATURDAY – Rebekah Peterson, Plainwell, .018, 8.953 on a 8.920, 70.50 mph, def. James Peterson, Plainwell, .096, 11.992 on an 11.950, 55.60 mph. Semifinalists – Rory Wirbel and Brody Dunigan.

SUNDAY – James Peterson, Plainwell, .015, 12.209 on a 12.030, 54.49 mph, def. Hannah Peterson, Plainwell, .111, 8.351 on a 8.250, 71.44 mph.