Beats DiPiazza Sunday at US 131 Motorsports Park for a $50,000 Payday~Stephen McCrory of Taylorsville, GA, used a .011 package Sunday to force John DiPiazza of Greenfield, WI, into a final round breakout foul that secured the last six-figure piece of the big money pot at the inaugural FTI Summer Shootout at US 131 Motorsports Park.

McCrory, who was the dragster runner-up to $50,000 winner Lane Ledford on Friday, beat Kevin Brannon on Boiling Springs, SC, in Sunday’s dragster final to get another shot at the big money.

He responded with a .010 reaction time and a 4.811 track time against a 4.810 target.  DiPiazza, who won the right to represent the door car contingent by beating Nick  Folk of Durand, IL, matched McCrory’s reaction time but then ran 6.177 on a 6.180 target to lose via the breakout.

Seth Phillips of Montpelier, VA, won the final No Box race of the event when final round foe Kevin Pollard of Waynesboro, VA, was guilty of a foul start.

          * * * *

Sunday results from the inaugural FTI Summer Shootout at US 131 Motorsports Park:

NO BOX RACE – Seth Phillips, Montpelier, VA, .011, 5.849 on a 5.870, 115.86 mph, def. Kevin Pollard, Waynesboro, VA, foul.

DRAGSTER – Stephen McCrory, Taylorsville, GA, .014, 4.856 on a 4.840, 137.91 mph, def. Kevin Brannon, Boiling Springs, SC, .003, 4.437 on a 4.410, 150.30 mph.

DOOR CAR – John DiPiazza, Greenfield, WI, .023, 6.180 on 6.180, 109.94 mph, def. Nick Folk, Durand, IL, .025, 6.073 on a 6.050, 110.16 mph.

$50,000 FINAL – Stephen McCrory, Taylorsville, GA, .010, 4.811 on a 4.810, 139.62 mph, def. John DiPiazza, Greenfield, WI, .010, 6.177 breakout on a 6.180, 110.43 mph.