This Saturday, April 29 will mark the first race of the 13 scheduled Lane Automotive Bracket Series points races.  Over the winter there were a couple of key updates to this program that were released at the 2016 Champions Awards Banquet. 

The most significant change will be in how the first round buy backs will be handled.  Although US 131 has supported a unique implementation of how first round buys backs ran each other.  We formerly ran two rounds of competition with the winners then re-entering the main race at round three.  It was agreed to stray away from this format and move to a more traditional format where buy back cars will be called first to the staging lanes for round two of the race and the winners being called in right behind them.  We will run round two altogether, keeping in mind that there will be the situation that a first round loser will run a first round winner.  The main reason for this update to the program is an attempt to quicken the eliminations rounds in the early rounds and avoid idle time for racers. 

The other less invasive update will be the name changing in the Jr. Dragster classes as well as an age update of a class.  Junior racers ages 12-17 will be competing in the Master class, racers ages 9-12 will be competing in the Advanced class and racers ages 7-9 will be racing in the Beginner class.  All ET breaks: 11.90, 9 years and under, 8.90, 10 years and up and 7.90, 12 years and up.

We look forward to an exciting, safe season with you all!