After looking at several different weather predictions, as well listening to a few outside racer suggestions, the decision has been made that we are going ahead with running the Lane Bracket Series race on Saturday, April 29. 

Gates will open at 8:30am with one time trial starting at 10am sharp.  Class order: Modified, Top ET, Jr. Dragster followed by Street.  With the known forecasted weather coming in , we will go with one time run then straight into eliminations.  This coupled with the change in the buy backs running at the front of round two eliminations, we are hopeful that barring any unforeseen down time, we can get through  three rounds of eliminations.  When we are fortunate to get to that point we are able to do the old saying, “split and git.” In other words, the race would be considered complete.  All funds split among remaining racers and points awarded as they stand. 

Other less fortunate outcomes are if we get first round in, the winners of that round would get rain checks.  If we get through second round the winners would then get rain checked.  In both scenarios points would also be awarded as they stand.  In any scenario, the class in question must be fully completed. 

Let’s hope for the best and just maybe the weather man will be incorrect again!