Caira Claims Saturday Small Tire Win at Street Car Takeover Michigan~ Lansing’s Aaron Johnson fell just short of doubling up in the Small Tire class Saturday when he was forced to abort his final round bid against Frank “Cranky Frankie” Caira of Elmwood Park, IL, in the conclusion of Street Car Takeover Michigan at US 131 Motorsports Park.

Johnson, who won Friday’s no times posted prelude, was off to an enormous lead in Saturday’s final before problems arose that slowed him to 14.243 seconds at a pedestrian finish line speed of just over 25 miles per hour.  Caira, meanwhile, stopped the timers in 8.340 seconds at 96.34 mph for the win.

Other Saturday winners included Yvonnda Hutchins of McMinnville, TN, in Women on Wheels, Jim Schmittinger of West Bend, WI, in Performance Heavyweight, Dan Wade of Zeeland in Extreme Street and Nicholas Ryan of Bloomfield Hills, a roll racing runner-up on Friday, in Street Racer.

Jon Rogers of Oxford, OH, was unopposed in the Stick Shift final, Allendale’s Brandon Miller won Street Racer Mild, Zeeland’s Dan Wilde prevailed in Street Racer Daily and Isaiah Newbold of West Bloomfield and Otsego’s Michael Doxey scored in Daily Driver and Daily Driver Mild, respectively.

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MARTIN, Mich. – Results from Street Car Takeover Michigan at US 131 Motorsports Park.  Hometowns are Michigan unless otherwise indicated.  Results include reaction time, track time, target time, when applicable, and finish line speed:


SMALL TIRE – Frank Caira, Elmwood Park, IL, .354, 8.340, 96.34 mph, def. Aaron Johnson, Lansing, .087, 14.243, 25.77 mph.  Semifinalists – Greg Seher, Wyoming, and Peter Ricchio, Kenosha, WI.

PERFORMANCE HEAVYWEIGHT – Jim Schmittinger, West Bend, WI, .305, 8.513, 160.26 mph, def. Devin Veldhouse, Byron Center, .011, 9.752, 133.06 mph.  Semifinalist – Craig Blossom, Cedar Springs.

EXTREME STREET (10.00 Index) – Dan Wade, Zeeland, .495, 10.070, 136.36 mph, def. Chad Scholten, West Olive, .504, 10.078, 134.29 mph.  Semifinalist – Brandon Rumsey, Brighton.

DAILY DRIVER (11.00 Index) – Isaiah Newbold, West Bloomfield, .623, 11.117, 120.58 mph, def. Lance Chrisinke, Munith, .787, 10.890, 109.20 mph.  Semifinalists – Alexander Cook, Dorr, and Keith Bacheller, Clyde.

DAILY DRIVER MILD (12.00 Index) – Michael Doxey, Otsego, .719, 12.007, 100.07 mph, def. Jimmy Kline, Three Rivers, .717, 12.218, 93.95 mph.  Semifinalist – Chad Kireny, Comstock Park.

WOMEN ON WHEELS – Yvonnda Hutchins, McMinnville, TN, .318, 11.651 on against an 11.560 target, 117.77 mph, def. Emily Forgey, Elkhart, IN, .393, 10.116 against a 9.980 target, 135.22 mph.  Semifinalist – Amber Piechocki, Wayland.

STICK SHIFT – Jon Rogers, Oxford, OH, .116, 10.534, 80.43 mph, was unopposed.

STREET RACER – Nicholas Ryan, Bloomfield Hills, .083, 7.398, 159.12 mph, def. Robby Harper, Mercer, PA, .144, 8.058, 153.85 mph.  Semifinalist – Justin Keith, Lee’s Summit, Mo.

STREET RACER MILD (8.95 Index) – Brandon Miller, Allendale, .110, 9.224, 127.01 mph, def. Kirk Byler, Elkhart, IN, .522, 9.609, 140.93 mph. Semifinalist – Jon Morred, Martin.

STREET RACER DAILY (9.59 Index) – Dan Wilde, Zeeland, .126, 9.919, 127.30 mph, def. Stephan Newell, Sioux Falls, SD, .358, 9.915, 139.93 mph.  Semifinalist – Zack Hicks, Eagle.


SMALL TIRE (times and speeds neither posted nor announced) – Aaron Johnson, Lansing, def. Jon Capizzi, Holland.  Semifinalist – Lukas Windsor, Oak Creek, WI.


* * * *


KING OF THE BAKERY – Justin Keith, Kansas City, MO, .531, 7.955, 170.58 mph, def. Nicholas Ryan, Bloomfield Hills, .585, 8.323, 134.77 mph.  Semifinalist – Jeff Thompson, Huntsville, AL.

WILD STREET – Karl Ryan, Bloomfield Hills, .122, 8.708, 131.46 mph, def. Kylee Van Buren, St. Charles, .134, 8.769, 136.49 mph.  Semifinalist – Glen Griesmann, Chesterfield.

DAILY STREET – Konstantin Chizhilsov, Oak Park, .558, 8.875, 133.10 mph, def. Candace Gardner, Falkville, AL, .425, 9.056, 127.77 mph.  Semifinalist – Craig Flores, Caledonia.