Joins Hannen, Fisher As Two-Day Winners at US 131; Jaquish Claims Shootout ~

It was same song, different verse at US 131 Motorsports Park Saturday and Sunday as Coldwater’s Dan Fisher, Chesaning’s Jeremy Hannen and Glenn Hall of Gordon, WI, dominated the 33rd annual Woody’s Super Sled Shootout and Motorcycle Extravaganza.

Hall, a former Pro Stock Snowmobile winner on the NHRA’s national drag racing tour, dominated Pro Mod racing for the third straight year on Michigan’s fastest track, beating Brad Noyes of Peabody, MA, in both the Saturday and Sunday finals.  Fisher repeated his 2021 win in Pro Stock 800 and Hannen broke his own record five different times on the way to sweeping Pro Outlaw.

Like Hall, Fisher and Hannen won their specialties on both days, disappointing Belding’s Brian Pretzel and Bradford, Ontario’s Rob Lowe in both final rounds.  Facing Lowe in the Sunday finale, Hannen dipped to 4.361 seconds for the win.

Snowmobiles prevailed even in the motorcycle phase of the event with Jeff Jaquish of Racine, WI, winning the featured CycleDrag Shootout aboard his sled before crossing back over to win the Pro Index title.

Other event winners included Thad Neeld of St. Paris, OH, and T.J. Camp of Kalamazoo in Pro ET and Street ET motorcycle, Jackson’s Jordon Moore and Kingsley’s Greg Chandler in sled Bracket, Jeremy Williamson of Newcastle, IN, in Baggers, Tyler Radke of Columbia City, IN. In V-Twin and Alex Hughes of Red Oak, TX, in Sunday’s Super Eliminator.

It was purely a family affair in Jr. Dragster with Plainwell’s Rebekah Peterson winning on Saturday and brother James scoring on Sunday in a final round match with sister Hannah.

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MARTIN, MI – Results from the 33rd Woody’s Super Sled Shootout and Motorcycle Extravaganza at US 131 Motorsports Park.  Hometowns are Michigan unless otherwise indicated.  Results include reaction time, track time, target time when applicable and finish line speed:


PRO STOCK 800 – Dan Fisher, Coldwater, .158, 5.285, 124.97 mph, def. Brian Pretzel, Belding, .107, 5.406, 122.62 mph.  Semifinalists – Lisa Flannery, Wayland, and Cody Philippon, Hooksett, NH.

PRO MOD – Glenn Hall, Gordon, WI, .120, 4.829, 139.49 mph, def. Brad Noyes, Peabody, MA, no time.  Semifinalist – Rob Lowe, Bradford, Ontario.

PRO OUTLAW – Jeremy Hannen, Chesaning, .077, 4.433, 155.28 mph, def. Rob Lowe, Bradford, Ontario, .113, 4.531, 162.45 mph.  Semifinalist – Eric Pivetta, Churchill, Ontario.

PRO INDEX – Jeff Jaquish, Racine, WI, .020, 6.518 on a 6.510, 99.71 mph, def. Aaron Rocizewski, Windlake, WI, .040, 6.494 breakout on a 6.500, 104.26 mph.  Semifinalist – Butch Veltum, Genoa City, WI.

BRACKET – Jordan Moore, Jackson, .021, 7.3878 on a 7.350, 86.49 mph, def. Greg Rocizewski, Waterford, foul.  Semifinalists – Aaron Rocizewski, Windlake, WI, and Butch Veltum, Genoa City, WI.


PRO STOCK 800 – Dan Fisher, Coldwater, .142, 5.270, 125.59 mph, def. Brian Pretzel, Belding, .114, 5.437, 119.71 mph.  Semifinalist – Dean Hassevart, Hudsonville.

PRO MOD – Glenn Hall, Gordon, WI, .069, 4.922, 133.49 mph, def. Brad Noyes, Peabody, Mass., .057, 5.244, 135.71 mph.  Semifinalist – Tony Goodsell, Howell.

PRO OUTLAW – Jeremy Hannen, Chesaning, .085, 4.361, 159.57 mph, def. Rob Lowe, Bradford, Ontario, 4.636, 159.91 mph.  Semifinalists – Dave Marshall, Prescott, Ontario, and Chris Homrich, Clarkston.

BRACKET – Greg Chandler, Kingsley, .013, 5.925 on a 5.950, 111.91 mph, def. Aaron Roscizewski, Windlake, WI, .025, 6.463 breakout on a 6.490, 104.29 mph.  Semifinalist – Greg Simpson, Otisville.

SUPER ELIMINATOR – Alex Hughes, Red Oak, TX, .029, 7.985 on a 7.960, 153.01 mph, def. Thad Neeld, St. Paris, OH .039, 9.007 on an 8.910, 141.55 mph.  Semifinalists – Brian Pretzel, Belding, and David Derrick, Vicksburg.


CYCLEDRAG SHOOTOUT – Jeff Jaquish, Racine, WI, .081, 9.049 on a 9.000, 138.08 mph, def. Mikel Grinnell, Perry, .097, 10.859 breakout foul on a 10.880, 111.00 mph.  Semifinalist – Nick Christmas, Youngstown, OH.

BAGGERS – Jeremy Williamson, New Castle, IN, .038, 8.170, 168.48 mph, def. Michael Beland, Maiden, NC, .073, 9.015, 151.57 mph.  Semifinalists – Jason Broski, Ypsilanti, and Jeremy Justice, New Orleans, LA.

V-TWIN – Tyler Radke, Columbia City, IN, .085, 12.279 on a 12.270, 104.97 mph, def. Ted Thompson, Downers Grove, IL, .173, 12.163 breakout on a 12.220, 107.19 mph.  Semifinalist – Paul Alexander, Hastings.

PRO ET – Thad Neeld, St. Paris, OH, .021, 8.928 on an 8.820, 139.97 mph, def. Aaron Everage, Cassopolis, .090, 8.750 breakout on an 8.800, 151.21 mph.  Semifinalists – Paul Summers, Joliet, IL, and Seth Allen.

STREET ET – T.J. Camp, Kalamazoo, .104, 9.219 on a 9.170, 135.66 mph, def. Ted Thompson, Downers Grove, IL, .071, 12.281 on a 12.180, 106.48 mph.  Semifinalist – Kyle Shilts, Baldwin, WI.


JR. DRAGSTER SATURDAY – Rebekah Peterson, Plainwell, .018, 8.953 on a 8.920, 70.50 mph, def. James Peterson, Plainwell, .096, 11.992 on an 11.950, 55.60 mph. Semifinalists – Rory Wirbel and Brody Dunigan.

JR. DRAGSTER SUNDAY – James Peterson, Plainwell, .015, 12.209 on a 12.030, 54.49 mph, def. Hannah Peterson, Plainwell, .111, 8.351 on a 8.250, 71.44 mph.