Bottom Bulb Bash and Jr. Dragster Bonanza Continues Saturday and Sunday


Grand Haven’s Maverick Green got a free pass to the No Box championship Friday and Coley Burkhardt pushed Jase Wanamaker into a breakout foul to win the 7.90 Index class on the opening day of the annual Bottom Bulb Bash and Jr. Dragster Bonanza at US 131 Motorsports Park.

The race continues Saturday and Sunday crowning champions each day in No Box and three Jr. Dragster classes.  With over 200 entrants, Saturday’s No Box race will pay $7,500 to the winner.

Green put together a .027 package in Friday’s final round, but it proved unnecessary when Paw Paw’s Paul Stewart jumped the start by .011 of a second.

In the Jr. classes, Burkhardt prevailed when Wanamaker was guilty of a breakout foul in the 7.90 final.  Kenzie Wanamaker avenged that loss when she prevailed over Brock Evans of Whitmore Lake in 8.90.

Carson Wied of Neenah, WI, claimed the hardware in 11.90 but brother Tyler fouled away his chances in the final round of the special Jr. Combo race against Carleton’s Leah Verner.

* * * *

  Friday results from the annual Bottom Bulb Bash and Jr. Dragster Bonanza at US 131 Motorsports Park.  Hometowns are Michigan unless otherwise indicated.  Results include reaction time, track time, target time when applicable and finish line speed:

No Box 1 – Maverick Green, Grand Haven, .019, 5.968 on a 5.960, 117.31 mph, def. Paul Stewart, Paw Paw, foul.  Semifinalists – Ron Smith, Toledo, OH, and Nate Alexander, Howard City.

7.90 Jr. Dragster – Coley Burkhardt, Bronson, .049, 7.926, 76.03 mph, def. Jase Wanamaker, Kalamazoo, .054, 7.866, 82.71 mph.  Semifinalists – Janie Mitter, Howell, and Danika Cox, Bronson.

8.90 Jr. Dragster – Kenzie Wanamaker, Kalamazoo, .121, 8.924, 74.16 mph, def. Brock Evans, Whitmore Lake, .097, 8.887 breakout, 71.26 mph.  Semifinalists – Ava Valencia, Overland Park, IL, and Coleman Hansen, Crystal.

11.90 Jr. Dragster – Carson Wied, Neenah, Wis., .035, 11.940, 50.59 mph, def. Brayden Baehr, Amherst, Ohio, .029, 11.988, 54.95 mph.  Semifinalists – Rebekah Peterson, Martin, and Ethan Russell, Adrian.

Jr. Dragster Combo – Leah Verner, Carleton, .016, 7.910 on a 7.900, 82.98 mph, def. Tyler Wied, Neenah, WI, foul.  Semifinalist – Elleanna Oldenburg, Howell.