Mid-Season Nationals Titles in Top Gas and Dirty 30 to Be Decided at Norwalk, Ohio

A rapidly developing evening rainstorm knocked out the power to US 131 Motorsports Park Sunday with just two final round races remaining in the NHDRO Mid-Season Nationals on Sunday, August 29.

Disappointed Top Gas finalists David Beshara of Columbus, Ohio, and Doug Fisher of Benton Harbor now will face off at Summit Motorports Park in Norwalk, Ohio, which hosts the next event in the NHDRO series.  Also racing at Norwalk will be Dirty 30 finalists Joseph Klemme of Davenport, IA, and Ryland Rowe of Frankfort, KY, both aboard Kawasakis.

Klemme’s brother, Tom, was among the winners crowned before the rain interrupted the competition.  He dispatched Rob Mann of Decatur, IL, in the Super Comp Shootout.  Kyron Drake of Greensboro, NC, just missed a difficult double in the featured Shootout competition, winning the Road Course Shootout before losing to Dustin Clark in the Stock Wheelbase Shootout.

Other winners in the Midwest’s largest motorcycle drag racing series included veteran Dan McCarten of Ingleside, IL, who rode his black “War Machine” entry to victory in the Ultra 4.60 class; Eric Yost of Hamilton, Ohio, who prevailed in Quick Street; Beshara, who was the Saturday Pro ET winner; and multiple time, multiple series champion Jeremy Teasley of Orient, Ohio, who won Sunday as an afterthought entrant in Street ET.

Greg Mallett of Defiance, Ohio and Monroe’s Michael Mullendore won in Super Comp and in Sunday Pro ET, respectively, and Todd Smith won Friday’s Street ET title.

* * * *

MARTIN, Mich. – Results from the NHDRO Mid-Season Nationals at US 131 Motorsports Park.  Hometowns are Michigan unless otherwise indicated.  Results include reaction time, track time, target time when applicable and finish line speed:

SUPER COMP SHOOTOUT (8.90 target) – Tom Klemme, Davenport, IA, .015, 8.908, 143.95 mph, def. Rob Mann, Decatur, IL, .024, 8.906, 142.72 mph.  Semifinalist – Tyler Fisher, Benton Harbor.

ROAD COURSE SHOOTOUT (no times posted) – Kyron Drake, Greensboro, NC, def. Nico Grier, Columbus, Ohio.

STOCK WHEELBASE SHOOTOUT (no times posted) – Dustin Clark, def. Kyron Drake, Greensboro, NC.

TOP GAS – David Beshara, Columbus, Ohio, versus Doug Fisher, Benton Harbor, to be determined at Norwalk, Ohio, Sept. 18, 2021.

DIRTY 30 (9.30 target) – Joseph Klemme, Davenport, IA, and Ryland Rowe, Frankfort, KY, to be determined at Norwalk, Ohio, Sept. 18, 2021.

ULTRA 4.60 (4.60 target) – Dan McCarten, Ingleside, IL, .005, 4.609, 146.48 mph, def. Les Stimac, Mt. Morris, .022, 4.633, 151.41 mph.  Semifinalists – Joey Brandgard, Norwalk, Ohio, and Jeff Jones, Mt. Juliet, TN.

QUICK STREET (8.70 target) – Eric Yost, Hamilton, Ohio, .056, 8.816, 148.81 mph, def. Marty White, Norwalk, Ohio, .064, 8.337, 161.70 mph.  Semifinalist – Jeremy Hines Jr., Columbus, Ohio.

SUPER COMP (8.90 target) – Greg Mallett, Defiance, Ohio, .033, 8.992, 132.47 mph, def. Joseph Klemme, Davenport, IA, .018, 9.082, 146.10 mph.  Semifinalist – Jeremy Teasley, Orient, Ohio.

SATURDAY PRO ET – David Beshara, Columbus, Ohio, .002, 8.911 on an 8.890, 145.59 mph, def. Jack Foster, Schererville, IN, .049, 9.139 on a 9.110, 140.27 mph.  Semifinalist – Chris Hunter, NA.

SATURDAY STREET ET – Todd Smith, NA, .020, 9.264 on a 9.200, 145.30 mph, def. Kevin Adams, Brunswick, Ohio, .073, 9.374 on a 9.360, 144.18 mph.  Semifinalists – Marty White, Norwalk, Ohio, and Justin Murrell, NA.

SUNDAY PRO ET – Michael Mullendore, Monroe, .021, 8.906 on an 8.890, 149.85 mph, def. Joseph Klemme, Davenport, IA, .026, 9.316 on a 9,300, 135.09 mph.  Semifinalists – Rick Eaton, NA, and David Beshara, Columbus, Ohio.

SUNDAY STREET ET – Jeremy Teasley, Orient, Ohio, .046, 8.977 on an 8.940, 155.07 mph, def. Justin Blackford, NA, .024, 9.312 breakout on a 9.330, 144.83 mph.  Semifinalist – William Hadden, NA.

  1. DRAGSTER – Skyler Bremer, NA, 8.471, 77.64 mph, def. Eli Edwards, no time.