Miller, Van Fleet, Hillen, Everage, Alexander Among Other Two-Wheel Champions~

Chicago’s Don White was the lone double-up winner Saturday as Harley-Davidson riders challenged Michigan’s fastest track at US 131 Motorsports Park.

White got an easy victory in the Dresser class when he was unopposed in the final. He later added a win in the 12.20 Index class when he forced final round foe Rusty Crist into a breakout foul.

Other winners included Rick Miller of Pensacola, Fla., and Heather Van Fleet of Toledo, Ohio, both of whom had shots at multiple titles. Van Fleet rode to victory in Super Gas and was well on her way to winning Super Pro before committing a breakout foul. Miller was the recipient of Van Fleet’s final round gift but was himself guilty of a foul start in the final round of Eliminator, thereby handing the victory to Matt Hillen of Morristown, Ind.

Van Fleet used a .044 of a second starting line advantage to get to the finish line ahead of Andy Horn in Super Gas and had even a bigger jump on Miller but couldn’t stay above her target.

Aaron Everage of Cassopolis, Paul Alexander of Hastings, Koleman Gercener of Elkhart, Ind. and Jason Leeper of Indianapolis, Ind. were the other winners in the one-day event.

* * * *

MARTIN, Mich. – Final round results from the All-Harley Drag Racing Association event Saturday at US 131 Motorsports Park. Hometowns are Michigan unless otherwise indicated. Results include reaction time, track time in relation to target time and finish line speed:

DRESSER – Don White, Chicago, Ill., was unopposed.
SUPER GAS (9.90 target) – Heather Van Fleet, Toledo, Ohio, .055, 10.030, 127.17 mph, def. Andy Horn, St. Louis, Mo., .099, 9.987, 124.58 mph.
SUPER PRO (10.30 target) – Rick Miller, Pensacola, Fla., .179, 10.357, 123.90 mph, def. Heather Van Fleet, Toledo, Ohio, .004, 10.164 breakout foul, 195.83 mph.
PRO (10.90 target) – Paul Alexander, Hastings, .297, 10.878, 122.75 mph, def. Aaron Etgen, Mendon, Ohio, .093, 10.762 breakout foul, 119.81 mph.
STREET (11.50 target) – Jason Leeper, .336, 11.645, 89.61 mph, def. John Poett, Indianapolis, Ind., .077, 12.239, 114.01 mph.
ELIMINATOR – Matt Hillen, Morristown, Ind., .341, 10.133 on a 9.990, 143.54 mph, def. Rick Miller, Pensacola, Fla., foul.
HARLEY NO BAR DIAL-IN – Koleman Gerencer, Elkhart, Ind., .105, 8.881 on an 8.830, 147.25 mph, def. James White, Wollcotville, Ind., .102, 13.585 on a 13.250, 85.15 mph.
IMPORT NO BAR DIAL-IN – Aaron Everage, Cassopolis, .252, 8.650 on an 8.640, 153.06 mph, def. Calvin Hill, Cassopolis, fou.
12.20 INDEX – Don White, Chicago, Ill., .105, 12.366, 100.02 mph, def. Rusty Crist, .540, 12.001 breakout foul, 112.39 mph.