Drag Racing, Roll Racing and Car Show Featuring Vehicles of European Heritage~

If your vehicle traces its lineage to Germany, England, France, Sweden, Italy or some other European enclave, it has a home away from home at US 131 Motorsports Park which, on Oct. 1, revisits its Eurocentricity as host to the 17th annual Fall Eurofest featuring the all-inclusive Bug Run.

Presented by Latimore Racing Engines, EuroFest celebrates the continental culture – laid-back but with a very distinctive style.  There will be vendors, a car corral, a car show parade, a swap meet, a massive car show, and of course, drag racing in the Super Pro/Pro and Street classes and Fun Runs for anyone to race down The Fastest Track in Michigan!

Once again, long-time Bug Run racers Bren Hartman and Jerry Neidlinger are presenting the Bren & Jerry’s Nice Dream to the drag racing classes. This is a separate run-off race between the winners and runner-up racers in Super Pro/Pro and Street. They are offering an additional $100 to the winner and an additional $50 to the runner-up.

In addition to the traditional, this year’s EuroFest, which now is open to creatures other than Beetles, also will crown champions in the EuroFest debut of roll racing, one of straight-line racing’s most popular new adaptations.

Introduced at the summer version of Eurofest in exhibition form, roll racing, which basically is drag racing with a rolling start, was so enthusiastically received that US 131 officials felt compelled to add it to the official lineup.  Harry’s Auto has contributed $200 to the roll racing and it is sure to be a welcome addition.

Local car club, Klub-Wasser will have a Kid’s Zone once again near the Car Show Registration. They always have fun things for our smallest fans to enjoy at this family-friendly event. Don’t miss the fun inflatables for young and old!

So, whether you want to showcase your car’s glow or its go, US 131 should be your destination and EuroFest your ticket.  Just $15 for adults.  Children ages 6-12 are $5, six and under free with a ticketed chaperone and free parking.  Want more info?  Check out the dedicated Facebook page: US 131 Bug Run.