‘Detroit Tiger’ Also a Winner as Kapp, Sanborn, Dishon Get Nostalgia Victories~

Allan Middendorf of Columbia, IL, drove the “American Outlaw” Dodge past the Chevy Monte Carlo of point leader Ken Singleton of Chickasha, OK, Saturday to win the Funny Car Chaos Series “A” division final at the 15th annual Funny Car Nationals at US 131 Motorsports Park.

Middendorf shared the winners’ circle with Steve Timoszyk of Belleville, who was the event’s only repeat winner after scoring a popular victory in the “B” final at the wheel of the “Detroit Tiger” Chevy Monza, a replica of the car once driven by Tom Prock.

Bob Motz again delivered a thunder-and-lightning performance in “The Original Jet Truck” in which he recorded a quarter mile best of 6.960 seconds at a finish line speed of 213.37 miles per hour in the highlight of the exhibition show.

Other headliners included Dom Lagana of Scarsdale, NY, who made a pair of exhibition runs in the Lagana family’s track record-holding “Nitro Ninja” Top Fuel dragster and the Larsen Motorsports jet dragsters. Unfortunately, Lagana destroyed a motor while making his first pass.

Dewayne Hill was the upset winner in the jet category, using a starting line advantage to beat mentor and teammate Elaine Larsen, the two-time former IHRA Jet Car Champion, in both heats despite a slower track time.

In the Nostalgia Drag Racing League season finale, Todd Kapp of Springfield, IL, locked up the Pro Comp championship in impressive fashion by beating Tom Mallak of Battle Creek in the final round. Other winners were Jeff Sanborn of Shelbyville, TN, winner earlier this year of the NHRA Hot Rod Reunion event at Bowling Green, KY, who prevailed in Pro 7.00, Derek McCustion of Covington, OH, the winner in Pro 7.50 and Nick Dishon of Lafayette, IN, who bested Bowling Green winner Jim Hayes of Troy, OH, in the Pro Gas final.

Bracket racing was stopped after the third round and payout split with the remaining racers to cool damp conditions after beginning the day with over 300 entries, 10 Jrs, 10 Street, 17 Top ET and 26 Modified all took a part of the full payout.

* * * *

MARTIN, Mich. – Final round results from the 15th annual Funny Car Nationals at US 131 Motorsports Park. Hometowns are Michigan unless otherwise indicated. Results include reaction time, track time, target time when applicable and finish line speed:

FUNNY CAR CHAOS “A” FINAL – Allan Middendorf, Columbia, IL, “American Outlaw” Dodge, .058, 3.616, 222.99 mph, def. Ken Singleton, Chickasha, OK, “High Risk” Chevrolet Monte Carlo, .032, 3.760, 202.34 mph.

FUNNY CAR CHAOS “B” FINAL – Steve Timoszyk, Belleville, “Detroit Tiger” Chevy Monza, .193, 4.021, 180.43 mph, def. Mike Minnick, Justice, IL, “Chi-Town Hustler” Dodge, no time.

JET DRAGSTER ROUND ONE – Dewayne Hill, Melbourne, FL, .013, 5.808, 273.89 mph, def. Elaine Larsen, W. Melbourne, FL, .152, 5.776, 272.40 mph.

JET DRAGSTER ROUND TWO – Dewayne Hill, Melbourne, FL, .115, 5.769, 277.61 mph, def. Elaine Larsen, W. Melbourne, FL, .201, 5.732, 275.74 mph.

* * * *


PHOENIX INDUSTRIES PRO 7.50 (7.50 target) – Derek McCuistion, Covington, OH, .093, 7.501, 178.64 mph, def. Verne Griffith, Pataskala, OH, .017, 7.597, 178.01 mph.

ROSS RACING ENGINES PRO 7.00 (7.00 target) – Jeff Sanborn, Shelbyville, TN, roadster, .083, 7.012, 168.64 mph, def. Larry Harlen, Rockport, IN, foul.

PAR ENGINES PRO GAS – Nick Dishon, Lafayette, IN, 1969 Chevy Camaro, .021, 8.491 on an 8.500, 155.23 mph, def. Jim Hayes, Troy, OH, 1972 Chevy Vega, .038, 9.9982 breakout on a 10.000, 131.35 mph.

RENEGADE RACE FUEL PRO COMP – Todd Kapp, Springfield, IL, 1923 Ford T-roadster, .023, 9.333 on a 9.000, 116.34 mph, def. Tom Mallak, Battlecreek, MI, foul.

* * * *

FORD VS. MOPAR MODIFIED – Doug Goebel, Edgerton, OH, .021, 5.821 on a 5.790, 117.74 mph, def. Dean Hendricks, Otsego, foul (-.002).

FORD VS. MOPAR STREET – Kyle Wannamaker, Martin, .060, 11.665 on an 11.650, 116.94 mph, def. Todd Rogers, Plainwell, .061, 11.934 on an 11.920, 111.47 mph.