Toth, Charley Douglass Double Up; Muskegon’s Harrington Wins Open Street


MARTIN, Mich. – Veteran Rich Vreeland of Bloomsburg, Pa. extended his point lead in the Nitro Funny Bike class, Hoosier Gary Stroud upset favored Janette Thornley of Statesville, N.C. in Pro Fuel and John Toth of Twilight, Pa., and Charley Douglass of Staunton, Va. both doubled-up to highlight the American Motorcycle Racing Association (AMRA) Northern Nationals at US 131 Motorsports Park.


Vreeland easily handled Dennis Fisher of Dayton, Ohio, his closest rival in the Funny Bike standings, for his second win of the year.  Stroud’s victory was not as secure, but certainly no less gratifying.  The Valparaiso rider stopped the timers in 7.483 seconds to hold off Thornley’s 7.578 in the final round.


Toth won in both Hot Street and Top Eliminator while Douglass prevailed in Outlaw Street and Super Street.


The host state got its only win in the Open Street class where Orrin Harrington of Muskegon bested Bob Bihl, Alexandria, Ky.  Eight different states were represented in the winners’ circle including Pennsylvania and Indy with four winners each.


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MARTIN, Mich. – Final round results from the AMRA Northern Nationals motorcycle races at US 131 Motorsports Park:


NITRO FUNNY BIKE – Rich Vreeland, Bloomsburg, Pa., 7.064, 195.06 mph, def. Dennis Fisher, Dayton, Ohio, 12.161, 77.24 mph.           PRO FUEL – Gary Stroud, Valparaiso, Ind., 7.483, 162.45 mph, def. Janette Thornley, Statesville, N.C., 7.578, 166.98 mph.

PRO GAS – Dan Ratliff, Syracuse, Ind., 9.362, 134.97 mph, def. Billy Doherty, Lake Charles, La., 9.665, 135.95 mph.

PRO MODIFIED – Shane Pendergrast, Murfreesboro, Tenn., 8.678, 150.80 mph, def. Joey Jobbe, Wyoming, Mich., 8.597, 150.35 mph.

MODIFIED V-ROD – Gary Douglass, Staunton, Va., 9.620, 135.91 mph, def. Don Leslie Jr., Pinson, Tenn., 9.966, 124.10 mph.

OUTLAW STREET – Charley Douglass, Staunton, Va., 18.141, 56.53 mph, was unopposed.

HOT STREET – John Toth, Twilight, Pa., 9.567, 141.02 mph, def. Dan Dennis, Barron, Wis., 9.584, 139.06 mph.

DRESSER – David Dennick, Eightyfour, Pa., 10.279, 130.97 mph, def. Bruce McFarland, Gray, La., 12.546, 104.77 mph.

SUPER COMP (8.90 target) – Don Ratliff, Syracuse, Ind., 9.151, 131.54 mph, def. Keith Ritner, hometown unavailable, 9.202, 143.18 mph.

TOP ELIMINATOR (9.30 target) – John Toth, Twilight, Pa., 9.451, 141.38 mph, def. Billy Doherty, Lake Charles, La., 9.729, 129.53 mph.

SUPER GAS (9.90 target) – Andy Horn, St. Louis, Mo., 9.905, 134.93 mph, def. Paul Lowe, Crown Point, Ind., 9.983, 121.89 mph.

SUPER PRO (10.30 target) – David Doremus, Loveland, Ohio, 10.446, 120.90 mph, def. Mike Houser, Davenport, Iowa, 10.535, 111.72 mph.

PRO ELIMINATOR (10.90 target) – Terry Mason, Springhill, Tenn., 11.016, 116.88 mph, def. Kevin Winters, Richmond, Ill., 11.653, 105.78 mph.

STREET ELIMINATOR (11.50 target) – Darrell Smith, Indianapolis, Ind., 11.582, 88.05 mph, def. Chip Sutinen, Ypsilanti, Mich., 11.653, 105.78 mph.

OPEN STREET – Orrin Harrington, Muskegon, Mich., 12.170 on a 12.130, 111.08 mph, def. Bob Bihl, Alexandria, Ky., 14.673 on a 14.300, 86.64 mph.

2-STROKE ELIMINATOR – Kevin Stevens, Saugatuck, Wis., 9.152 on a 9.070, 140.23 mph, def. Scott Allen, Wheeling, West Va., 9.572 on a 9.470, 130.74 mph.

SUPER STREET – Charley Douglass, Staunton, Va., 9.730, 132.90 mph, def. Mak Rankin, Muskegon, Mich., 12.607, 107.24 mph.