Ohio’s Ream Also Wins Third Consecutive race in Volkswagen Classic at US 131 Motorsports Park~

Uber-consistent Andy Villemure took home most of the hardware Sunday in the 15th annual Fall Bug Run at US 131 Motorsports Park.

The Holland resident used an .079 reaction time to get a big jump on Troy Mcnair of Mansfield, Ohio, in the final round of the Gamblers’ Race and then used a brilliant .009 reaction to assure a double-up win over Greg Hudson of Battle Creek in the Pro ET final.

John Ream of Brookville, Ohio won Street ET for the third consecutive time, beating Jerry Neidlinger of Vicksburg in the final round.

According to US 131 Marketing Director Stephanie Peterson, this was one of the few times in the history of the Bug Run series that both the summer and fall events were not impacted by bad weather.  As a result, there was near-record participation in both the drag races and the car show which attracted far more non-VW vehicles than ever before.

“We had a couple of Porsches, some Audis, BMWs and others,” Peterson said.  “On the track and off, it was one of our best VW shows ever.”

People’s Choice car show winner was the 1957 Beetle of Fremont’s Doug Clink.

* * * *

MARTIN, Mich. – Results from the 15th annual Fall Bug Run at US 131 Motorsports Park, “Michigan’s Fastest Track:”  Hometowns are Michigan unless otherwise indicated.  Results include reaction time, track time in relation to target time and finish line speed:

VW PRO ET – Andy Villemure, Holland, .009, 8.401 on an 8.350, 78.78 mph, def. Greg Hudson, Battle Creek, .190, 8.491 on an 8.410, 78.98 mph.  Semifinalists – Reny Villemure, Holland, and Elroy Iloroff, Lincoln Park.

VW STREET ET – John Ream, Mansfield, Ohio, .023, 10.669 on a 10.600, 63.08 mph, def. Jerry Neidlinger, Vicksburg, .055, 9.511 on a 9.200, 74.49 mph.  Semifinalist – Troy Mcnair, Mansfield, Ohio.

VW GAMBLERS RACE – Andy Villemure, Holland, .079, 8.435 on an 8.350, 79.03 mph, def. Troy Mcnair, Mansfield, Ohio, .107, 12.412 on a 12.310, 54.22 mph.  Semifinalist – Bren Hartman, Battle Creek.

* * * *

CAR SHOW TOP 20 – Doug Clink, Fremont, 1957 Beetle; Carl Bland, Bay City, 1964 VW bus; Tim Kelley, Middleville, 1974 Kubelwagen; Michael Julien, Rockford, 1960 Beetle convertible; Darian Rodriguez, Holland, 1990 Jetta Coupe; Angie Gleason, Belmont, 1965 Beetle; Dennis Megna, Coloma, 1973 VW Thing; Lisa Hubbs and Cassandra Lopez, St. Joseph, 1985 Vanagon GL Westfalia; Carol Froelich, Sturgis, 2012 Golf TDI; Mark Gurley, Comstock, 2021 RS6 Avant; Doug Flint, Sturgis, 1971 VW convertible; Alan Olvera, Sturgis, 2010 A4 Avant; Ryan Niewoonder, Mattawan, 1983 Rabbit OTI; Mike Dontje, Shelbyville, 1988 Cabriolet; Doyle McKay, Livonia, 1974 Baja;

Chuck Vanportfliet, Cedar Springs, 1998 Beetle; Joel Wiggins, Kalkaska, 1966 Beetle; Andy Vanlent, Richland, 1972 Super Beetle; Donnie Olivia, Niles, 1974 Beetle; and John Street, Berrien Springs, 1957 Beetle.