There have been no increases in either racer entry fee or payout in over 15 years at US 131 Motorsports Park, but that is getting ready to change. New for the 2018 racing season will be an increase in payouts, the norm for a standard weekly Lane Automotive point’s series point’s race was a guaranteed $1200 to win in Top ET and Modified. This is/was the largest guaranteed payout in the region but in 2018 this already largest guaranteed payout will be increased to $1500 to win weekly with the pot being sweated for the Semifinalists as well as the ¼ finalists. In addition when/if car counts for first round are 75 or higher US 131 MSP will pay back one additional round earlier to the round of 32. “We have had a strong weekly bracket program here at US 131 for some time” Stated Jason Peterson General Manager of US 131 MSP. “We have a very loyal group of racers that we consider to be family and we wanted to try to show appreciation for this loyalty” In addition to the normal weekly payouts the $2K to win events for 2018 will also see additions to the Semifinalists and ¼ finals payout along with again when/if there are 75 cars or more in first round the addition of payout the round of 32. This increase in payout is going to be done without raising car and driver entry fee at all, rather a slight $3 dollar increase in Crew/GA from $12 to $15. In addition first round reentry will go from $20 to $25. Full payout information is posted on the tracks website under the racers tab.

Other updates to the already prestigious Lane Bracket Series for 2018 will be:

  1. Pulling of the lanes for eliminations will return back to drivers filling lane 1&2 first then lanes 3&4. Lanes 1&2 will be run out completely first with lane 1 getting right lane and lane 2 getting left lane, this will following into lanes 3&4 keeping in mind that if at the end of the round cars are lined up in the same lane the first car out will get lane choice
  2. Jr Dragster classes will see the combination of the Advanced and Beginner classes albeit while running separate within the class. In other words 11.90 cars or 7-9 yr. olds will run each other until one car and the 8.90 or 10-12 year olds will run each other until one car then the two will run in the finals. With this the Master and the Adv/Beg combo will have the same payout which can be located under the racers tab of the website