Hall, Wirbel Also Score; Glick Double Up Winner in Dash for Cash Bike Race~ Gowen’s Jeff Kerridge retained his stranglehold on the Outlaw snowmobile class, veteran Glenn Hall of Gordon, WI prevailed in Pro Modified and Midland’s Edwin Wirbel won the Pro Stock title in the 29th annual AMSNOW Super Sled Shootout portion of joint weekend program at US 131 Motorsports Park.

Kerridge won the Outlaw race on both Saturday and Sunday, just as he did a year ago.  He took down Nick Cash of Pinkney in the Saturday final before beating Cody Lavasseur of North Bay, Ont. on Sunday.

Hall beat Wirbel in Saturday’s Pro Mod final before Wirbel returned the favor Sunday in Pro Stock.

In the Dash for Cash motorcycle portion of the event, Taylor Glick of Elida, OH, was the only rider able double up, winning both the Hand Clutch Shootout and the Street ET titles on Saturday.

Bradley Shellhaas of Springfield, Ohio, and Blake Niedbalon of Granger, IN, came close to matching Glick’s performance as each had a win and runner-up.  Shellhaas won Pro ET and was runner-up in Top Gas on Sunday.  Niedbalon hoisted the Street ET trophy on Sunday after being denied by Glick in the Saturday final.

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MARTIN, Mich. – Results from the 29th annual AMSNOW Super Sled Shootout and Dash for Cash Motorcycle Race at US 131 Motorsports Park.  Hometowns are Michigan unless otherwise indicated. Results include reaction time, track time and, when applicable, target time plus finish line speed:


PRO OUTLAW – Jeff Kerridge, Gowen, .142, 4.744, 160.54 mph, def. Nick Cash, Pinkney, .095, 4.861, 154.22 mph.

PRO INDEX – Brad Antonioni, Westbend, .019, 10.569 on a 10.500, 98.23 mph, def. Thom Rosely Jr., Rockford, .047, 9.110 on a 9.000, 145.87 mph.

PRO MODIFIED – Glenn Hall, Gordon, WI, .094, 5.048, 133.65 mph, def. Edwin Wirbel, Midland, .050, 5.169, 131.46 mph.


BRACKET – Jeff Jaquish, Racine, WI, .037, 9.004 on an 8.990, 135.34 mph, def. Merv Shannik, Consecon, Ont., .023, 9.859 on a 9.830, 129.38 mph.

HAND CLUTCH SHOOTOUT – No Time class, Taylor Glick, Elida, OH, def. Chad Sosnoski, Macomb.

PRO ET – Frank Linders, Washington, IL, .030, 10.118 on a 10.120, 127.01 mph, def. Bob Mann, Decatur, IN, foul.

STREET ET – Taylor Glick, Elida, Ohio, .115, 8.933 on an 8.940, 149.65 mph, def. Blake Niedbalon, Granger, Ind., foul.


PRO STOCK – Edwin Wirbel, Midland, .078, 8.209, 152.59 mph, def. Glenn Hall, Gordon, WI, .121, 8.206, 154.53 mph.

PRO OUTLAW – Jeff Kerridge, Gowen, .135, 4.644, 162.93 mph, def. Cody Lavasseur, North Bay, Ont., .077, 4.729, 149.40 mph.

PRO STOCK 800 – Kenny Grossi, Grinsby, Ont., .098, 5.763, 117.59 mph, def. Ryan Deman, NA, .120, 5.746, 116.61 mph.


BRACKET – Ron Dean, Williamson, NY, .087, 6.217 on a 6.200, 106.91 mph, def.  David Chappell, Shelbyville, .350, 6.519 on a 6.440, 103.81 mph.

PRO ET – Bradley Shellhaas, Springfield, OH, .007, 8.541 on an 8.480, 154.91 mph, def. Jim Underhill, Fort Wayne, IN, foul.

STREET ET – Blake Niedbalon, Granger, IN, .057, 9.535 on a 9.450, 141.02 mph, def. Devon Johnson, NA, foul.

SUPER COMP – Jason Drnaud, Howell, .022, 8.870 on an 8.900, 137.11 mph, def. Brian Selner, North Liberty, IN, .029, 8.859 breakout on an 8.900, 147.40 mph.

SUPER ELIMINATOR – Thad Neeld, Saint Paris, OH, .079, 8.944 on a 9.020, 143.68 mph, def. Scott Allen, Wheeling, West VA, foul.

TOP GAS – Nico Greer, Columbus, OH, .009, 8.201 on an 8.200, 142.99 mph, def. Bradley Shellhaas, Springfield, OH, .024, 8.192, 160.26 mph.