Popular Event Also Boosts Money in Jr. Dragster Class; Accepts ‘Double Entries’


MARTIN, Mich. – Jason Peterson, General Manager of US 131 Motorsports Park, hasn’t exceled in racetrack management by being slow on the uptake.  So, when participation in the track’s Bottom Bulb Bash and Jr. Dragster Bonanza doubled from year one to year two, it didn’t take the former Pro Modified driver long to react.


“New events typically take three-to-five years to develop to their full potential,” Peterson said, “but the Bottom Bulb Bash showed great promise after just two and we decided it was time to take it to the next level.”


The upshot is that the third annual “Bash,” scheduled Aug. 5-7, has been enhanced across the board from an increased purse to an additional day of racing to the institution of a ‘”double entry” option.


Whereas Friday previously was a test-and-tune day, it now will include warm-up races for both big cars and Jr. Dragsters with $2,000 to the winner of the former and $100 to the winner of the latter.


Furthermore, the big car winner’s purse on both Saturday and Sunday has been bumped to $5,000 with the Jr. Dragster winner money increased to $200.  Finally, the track will issue tech cards in two different colors to accommodate double entries with like-colors competing against one another until the money rounds.


“Our thought process was to give the racers as many opportunities as possible to race their way into the money rounds,” Peterson said.  “A lot of racers had expressed an interest in double entries and we are always open to new ways of doing things.”


Three-day entry fee for the big cars will be $199.  For Jr. Dragsters, the weekend buy-in is $75.  Races will be contested at the eighth mile distance and buy backs will be allowed after the first round.  Among those expected to compete are Mickey Adams of Ypsilanti and Kevin Groeneveld of Grandville, last year’s big car winners on Saturday and Sunday, respectively.


A special added attraction this year will be a golf cart/pit vehicle race following the completion of the regular program on Saturday night.