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For non-special event races Saturday's gate time will be 11am. Jr Dragster classes will start time runs at 12 noon and run alone for 1 hour completing as much of their program as we can before we start time runs with the cars at 1pm. At this point we will follow a run order that will be followed for the remainder of the race. Beg Jr Dragsters, Adv Jr Dragsters, Street, Modified and Top ET . Adjustments may be needed to the run order depending upon car counts. Gate times for special races including double race days will be 9am with track time for the Jr Dragsters at 10am with no special time for Jr Dragsters.  Run order will be Beg Jr Dragsters, Adv Jr Dragsters, Street, Modified and Top ET .
  1. Bracket racers will have two scheduled time runs; track will guarantee one time run as long as the racer arrives before the start of round one of eliminations.  In addition a Run for the Money will be offered to each class for an entry of $10 paying $100 to the winner and $50 to the second place driver running closest to their dial-in in Top ET and Modified.  Street will pay $50 to winner and $20 to the second place racer.
  2. Dial-in must be on left side of car visible to timing tower.
  3. Dial-in may not be changed after crossing cross walk in the staging lanes.
  4. Once a driver stages he/she has bought their posted dial-in.
  5. Once driver passes dial-in boards, car must be self starting, with no help from crew member or track crew, motorcycles may attempt one restart with assistance from crew member.
  6. Drivers may not cross starting line under power during a burn out.
  7. You must hold a valid driver's license to operate a motorized vehicle on the race track property.
  8. Cross talk will be used for Top ET.
  9. Deep staging is allowed, but NOT guaranteed.
  10. Pitting your racecar on the paved roads in the pits is not allowed.
  11. If pair of cars on starting line cause delay in program, the pair of cars in burnout box will have the option to run or pull back and run at the end of the class session.
  12. Please do not park in a reserved pit spot unless you have purchased it. The unreserved spaces may be rented on a daily basis.
  13. In the event of rain, race is considered complete if three rounds are completed. The payout will be split evenly among remaining racers.
  14. If a class has completed a round of eliminations and rain sets in causing a rain out, those racers still in the main show will be issued a racer entry rain out voucher for any remaining Lane Bracket Series race. Buy-back will be treated as follows: If the first buy-back round is not completed, all buy-back entries will be refunded their buy-back money. If the first or second round of buy-backs are completed and a rain out occurs, those racers that have won will be issued a racer rain out voucher for any remaining Lane Bracket Series race. All race losers and crew will be required to purchase new tickets at the next event attended.  All points earned for fully completed rounds will awarded to each winning and losing driver.  This would also apply if two complete rounds were run.  If three rounds are complete points would be awarded and the payout for the race will be divided equally to all winning drivers.
  15. .90 class cars will be allowed to run in the Top ET class provided that they dial-in their respective class index (8.90, 9.90 or 10.90).  Cars electing to run class set up are required to do so for the entire event, switching back and forth will not be allowed.
  16. All classs rules will follow that of the Division 5 Summit Team Final with the exception in Top ET that .90 class cars are allowed to run class set-up (This will not be allowed at the Summit Team Finals).
Points for the Lane Automotive Bracket Series are as follows:
First round stage: 3 pts
Each round won: 10 pts
Runner-up finish: 5 pts
Winner finish: 10 pts
Time trials lanes 1&2 will be filled first, once full then we will fill lanes 3&4.  Lanes 1&2 will be run out until enpty with lane 1 running right lane and lane 2 running left. 
Eliminations we will start with filling lane 1 followed by lane 2 lane 3 and lane 4.  The head of staging will then start pulling cars from lane 1 first car out will run left lane second car out will run right lane.  Once lane 1 is empty we will move to lane 2 and so on.  If there is one car remaining in any certain lane that car will run left lane and the first car in next lane will run right lane. If one car remains to run against selected bye run, bye run car will have lane choice.

First round bye runs will be determined by loading staging lanes 1 through 4 equally. The first four cars in each lane will be eligible for the bye run. The head of staging will pull a tag that will determine the lane that the bye run will be pulled from. Remixing the tags we will pull another tag to determine what car in the particular lane will have the bye run for that round. The bye run will then be pulled out of line and wait until all cars in class have run. If bye run car does not have a car to run with, they must at least break the starting line beams under its own power and receive a win light to move on to the next round.  If bye run car is paired up with another racer, the selected bye run will have lane choice.  Bye runs will not carry over from round to round, but may be re-earned if not used.  Beginning with the second round the bye run will be determined by the best winning reaction time from the previous round.  Bye runs will not carry over, but if not used can be re-earned.  Once a racer has had a bye run they will not be eligible until the car count constitutes the formation of a sportsman ladder that will be followed for the remainder of the race (16 cars or less for Top ET and Modified and 8 cars for Street).
Buybacks are for Top ET, Modified and Street (excluding Jr Dragsters). Cost is $20 for Top ET and Mod, and $10 for Street.  Buyback cars are totally separate from the cars still in the point's race for two rounds. At round three all winning racers from the byeback race will then reinstate with the winning point's racers for the remainder of the point's race. Buyback racers will not collect any additional points for the duration of the race.
All classes will run off of a sportsman ladder based upon best winning reaction time with 16 or fewer racers in Top ET and Modified and 8 or less in Street.  Jr Dragsters will be placed on a sportsman ladder based off the best reaction time during the first two time runs.  Lane choice for each ladder for first round will belong to the higher qualyfies car, rounds after lane choice will be given to the better winning reaction time.
RESERVED PIT SPOTS (For Lane Bracket Races)
All pit spots with names are seasonal reserved spots. PLEASE do not park there; these are designated spots for the name stated. Pit spots with numbers are available to rent for the day for $30. To rent a daily spot or for the season, you may do this in advance with the office or at the gate the day of the race. We do have non-electrical spots that you are welcome to park in for free. They are located NORTH beyond all the electrical spots. These reserved pit spots will be policed and monitored, you will be asked to move if you are in an unpaid pit spot. Note that reserved pits spots are for one tow rig per site. If more than one racecar is parked on one site, as long they come in the same trailer, that is OK. There is no sharing of power permitted.
IHRA rules apply