Date posted: 4/30/2012 10:34:41 AM

As US 131 MSP heads into its 50th year of operation, the management along with its newly elected Drivers Committee has met twice this year discussing the weekly Lane Automotive Bracket Series track rules.  It has been mutually agreed to alter a couple of aspects of race day operations. 

The main alteration will be that after round one of eliminations the bye run will be determined by the best winning reaction time.  First round bye will remain as is, being determined by the pulling of tags. Note that bye runs will no longer be carried over to the next round but can be re-earned as long as racers did not receive a true bye run.

The decision was also made to place all classes on a sportsman ladder based on reaction time at a set car count number.  At 16 cars or less for Top ET and Modified and 8 cars or less for Street, each class will be placed on a ladder that will be followed out for the remainder of the race.

In an attempt to tailor to additional racers both IHRA and NHRA, the decision was made to allow .90 class cars to run in the Top ET class.  Racers that chose to run their .90 class set up must run their respective class index for the duration of that

To create an opportunity for racers to win additional funds at each race it was decided to add a third optional "Run for the Money" shot at the track prior to eliminations.  The cost to make this third run will be $10 with $100 going to the winner and $50
going to the runner-up in Top ET and Modified and $50 going to the winner and $20 to the runner-up in Street.  In the
event that there is weather in the area or for some other unforeseen delay in the show, racers will be given the option to either partake in the "Run for the Money" or make their regular scheduled second time run.  This will also apply to these special events,
the Thunder Nationals, Summer Showdown and Funny Car Nationals.

In conjunction with the "Run for the Money" program the start times for Modified time runs on normal race days will be moved ahead one hour to 1pm.  This will allow the Jr Dragster program one hour to complete as much as possible before Modified
begins time runs.  During Special events such as the Thunder Nationals, Summer Showdown and Funny Car Nationals the gate
open time will be 9am with time trials beginning at 10am for all classes.

For a complete list of US 131 MSP track rules please see our web site at under the Racer Info Tab.